Fast Action Is Required for Emergency Roof Repair in Toronto

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The climate is changing and the news is not good for your roof. Winters in Toronto have become more ”intense” – to put it mildly. The winter of 2014 brought an ice storm, polar vortex, record colds and large snowfalls, which wreaked absolute havoc on roofs.

Emergency roof repair in Toronto is now a necessity. Fast action can protect your home from the kind of damage that winter brings.

The ice storm of winter 2014, for example, brought down limbs and trees all over the city. Some crashed on roofs, and it was essential that even the smallest hole or crack be sealed to avoid further damage ¬– immediately. A slow response will compromise the building’s integrity.

This kind of damage may not always be covered by warranty or insurance. Warranties usually extend to the work and materials used, and ordinary wear and tear. Be very clear with your insurer – and roofer – as to what is covered. Bear in mind that the climate is indeed wilder than it was, so you need to consider worst case scenarios.
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Changing Weather Patterns Increase the Need for Emergency Response

The climate is changing and this is having an effect on emergency roof repair in Toronto. It is essential that when damage occurs to a roof that it be attended to immediately. Any kind of damage that is not immediately repaired can lead to the serious compromising of a building’s integrity.

Five Common Roof Problems Requiring Repair

  • Wind, bad weather and flying objects, such as branches, can damage shingles and even cause serious structural damage.
  • If buckled or cupped shingles are seen, they should also require a quick response, as they can indicate moisture accumulation beneath the shingles.
  • A sagging ridge might suggest too many roof layers – or be a sign of more significant roofing issues. Climate change has brought with it unusual snowfalls, and your roof could be vulnerable to the extra weight.
  • Dirt and debris attract moisture and decay.
  • Overhanging trees drop debris on roofs and provide shade that can promote moss and mildew.
The bottom line with emergency roof repair in Toronto is that the time to take action is immediately. Any delay in correcting damage to your roof could prove incredibly costly.


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